Our Process

Step by step we implement your project

We implement your project step by step which will benefit you more by saving time and cost


Our systems are programmed to our clients’ needs, we start with a consultation to see what our client wants. This design process includes a thorough walk-through on the menu of smart options, budget discussion, timeline for execution followed by a walk-through of our model site.

We show our clients the full extent of how their home could act and react with these systems installed. The client is given many options to choose from.


Clients are usually new to systems of such, they don’t know exactly what they want. Initial programming is done but this could change afterwards. After the client tries their new home, they could want certain things to happen differently, the door to lock after 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes, the curtains to open at 7 am instead of 8am, or the TV to start on another channel etc.. We will do the necessary changes until the client feels and sees how beneficial it is to have a smart home. The concept isn’t just about controlling our homes with a mobile phone or with a voice command and saving utility bills . It’s the things and devices that work and think together without the client necessarily telling each device to act in a certain way. After a while the client would see how their home has become easy to use, safer in terms of fire and water leaks, and safer in terms of security and access control.


Based on the agreed upon schedule, installation could be done in stages or at once. No wiring is needed as we use wireless systems. This reduces heat dissipation in clients homes and reduces the fire risks associated with having a bulk of wiring around the house. Our sensors are battery less


The systems are installed, what’s next? Our systems come with one-year warranty, and two programming visits for the client to request modifications to their systems. Any manufacturing defects found in priority products which cannot be fixed on site will be replaced. If the exact same product cannot be found, an equal or better product will be provided. After the year is done, service contracts would be readily available.




Definitely! We try to narrow down the options based on the client, their routines and their interests. Clients can start small and upgrade their systems. Our systems are made to accommodate clients of all ages at the same time, so whatever your ages , you can still control your home easily with regular switches, your phone or your voice.

Make Life Smart

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