Wireless switch without battery or wire

Wireless switch, 80x80mm external dimensions, internal frame dimensions 55x55mm, 15mm high. Generates the power for wireless telegrams itself when the rocker is pressed, therefore there is no connecting wire and no standby loss.

Desktop base

Desktop base for pushbuttons and sensors, also flat except 230V versions, are clipped onto the base. With slip-resistant plastic feet.

Wireless pull switch

Wireless pull switch for surface mounting 84x84x24mm. With silver and red handle. Generates the power for wireless telegrams itself when the button is pressed, therefore there is no connecting wire and no standby loss.

Wireless DALI gateway, bidirectional. 2 watt standby loss

1 channel DALI LED dimmer for ceiling installation. 120x30x22 mm. Protection class IP20.Only 0.12 watt standby loss.

Fancoil Thermostat

Fancoil thermostat wireless monitored and controlled , and wired connected with FCU in high-quality design for individual singleroom temperature- and fan control

Energy-harvesting wireless Thermostat

Energy-harvesting wireless room operating unit with an integrated LCD for the measurement of temperature and relative humidity. Depending on the type, temperature set point, fan stages, room occupancy, lighting or blinds can be controlled using the operating buttons on the device.

Remote-controlled electric socket – ON/OFF switch

Wireless motion/brightness sensor

Wireless motion/brightness sensor pure white glossy for surface mounting 84x84x39mm. Power supply with the integrated solar cell or a 12V DC power supply unit. Only 1 mW standby loss

Desk Occupency Monitoring

With the growing cost of office space there has never been a more pressing need to mange office space. It is important to know how desks are being utilised and to allocate desks.

By placing a wireless PIR detector under a desk an employee can be picked up and logged sitting at their desk. If people are Hot Desking then desk space can moni- tored for booking and allocation purposes. It can also be used to increase levels of fresh air depending upon how many people are sat in a certain area.

Wireless heat detector

For detection of heat and fire in living spaces. Audible alarm and direct transmission to the AFRISOhome gateway if the temperature rises rapidly or if it exceeds 58 °C. AHD is ideal for use in rooms subject to generation of smoke or vapour (such as kitchens, bathrooms) or in rooms which dust, dirt and exhaust gases can develop (such as workshops, garages). Recommended if smoke alarms cannot be used due to possible false alarms.

Wireless smoke alarm

For detection of fumes and smoke gas in living spaces. Audible alarm when a defined smoke concentration is exceeded.

Conductivity water sensor

For the detection of accumulations of water at defined horizontal surfaces or positions (e.g. in the area of fittings washing machines, coffee makers with water connection, etc.). Suitable for water.

Mechanical water sensor

For the detection of accumulations of water at defined horizontal surfaces or positions (e.g. below pipes, fittings and in the area of washing machines, below bath tubs or dishwashers, in utility rooms or basements). Suitable for water.

Wireless transmitter

Determination of the ambient temperature and air humidity at a defined location.

Bidirectional wireless actuator

For wireless and battery-less temperature control in individual rooms. Ideal for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Adjustments are made exclusively via the app or via a central operating unit.

Door and window contact

Magnetic contact sensor for monitoring the states OPEN and CLOSED and for transmission to the gateway or to stand-alone wireless components such as the indoor /outdoor siren

Wireless window handle sensor

Wireless window handle sensor, 120x35x7mm, with battery (lifetime 7 years). Installation behind conventional window handle. Wireless transmit telegrams for window positions open, tilted and closed. Status telegram every 15 minutes. Very simple installation under standard window handle.

Wireless window contact + glass break sensor Eimsig with battery

Wireless window contact + glass break sensor Eimsig with battery (lifetime several years) 135x26x9mm, light grey. With intelligent burglary detection. Recognizes open/closed/tilted/locked and glass vibration. An alarm signal is sent when the window is opened at the locked or tilted position. Fixing by screwing in the window frame, between frame and sash on PVC or wooden doors and windows, in accordance with the manual.

Temperature and humidity sensor

Wireless sensor for determination of the ambient temperature and air humidity at a defined location and transmission to the gateway.

Wireless water shut-off valve

For manually or remotely controlled closing and opening of a water pipe in buildings in response to an event message from the water leakage sensors.

Wireless antenna module

Wireless antennas with magnetic base

The small enclosed wireless antenna of the wireless antenna modules can be replaced by a larger antenna to feed wireless signals into metallic switching cabinets. It is mounted on the magnetic base externally and the cable is routed inside the cabinet .

Wireless meter concentrator for electricity, gas and water meters.





1 NO contact not potential free 10 A/250 V AC. 230 V LED lamps up to 600 W, energy saving lamps ESL up to 200 W, incandescent lamps up to 2000 W. Switch-off early warning and permanent light by push- button switchable. Standby loss 0.7 watt only. With ESL optimization.



Mobile single-phase energy meter with German type plug and coupling (Type F).

With additional residual current circuit breaker PRCD 30 mA. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Maximum current 16 A. Standby loss 0.4 watt only.
Mobile three-phase energy meter with CEE plug 32 A and CEE coupling 32 A. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Maximum current 32 A, standby loss 0.5 watt per path only.

Switching power supply unit rated capacity 12 W. Standby loss 0.2 watt only



WIRELESS OUTDOOR SIREN with solar cell and lithium-polymer battery. Protection class IP54.

WIRELESS Tubular Curtain Motor


Wireless Door Lock

The latest model of a famous brand is added to our range of security solutions designed for the hospitality industry and community buildings. Its elegant compact design forms the ultimate fusion of technology and ease of use:

Outdoor Camera

If an intrusion is detected you will receive a video of the incident. You can then activate the 110 dB siren from the application.

A light switches on automatically to add to the audio deterrent if you have a light connected to the camera.

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