Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

1.Monitor and Control Your Appliances Remotely
Have you ever rushed out of the house in the morning and then spent half the day wondering if you turned the oven off before you left home? Smart appliances cancompletely eliminate this kind of worry. You can check—and turn off—a smart oven from your phone or tablet even when you’re not at home.
You can even preheat your oven from your phone before leaving the office, so you can pop a frozen pizza into the oven the moment you get home.

2. Get Cycle Notifications
Did you know that smart appliances can send you notifications to help you stay on track with your household chores?
Smart washers can remind you to move your laundry to the dryer, so you’ll never again have to re-wash a load because you forgot to move it to the dryer four days ago.
Smart dryers will even send your family members custom text messages to remind them that they need to fold the clothes in the dryer.

3. Receive Alerts About Potential Problems
Most smart appliances can detect issues and will send you alerts so you can address any problem before it escalates. Smart Refrigerators will notify you if the door is ajar or if fridge or freezer temperatures rise to dangerous levels that could spoil food.
Most smart dryers will notify you about blocked vents so you can remove the obstruction and prevent dangerous house fires.

4. Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency (and Save Money on Utility Bills)
Most smart appliances use sensors to determine the ideal cycle for each situation, which can reduce your household energy consumption and lower your monthly bills.

5.Simplify Your Household Chores
Smart appliances keep getting smarter; they can follow instructions and perform multiple steps that previously required human interaction.
If you send recipes and instructions to your smart oven, it will adjust the cooking temperature at specific times or when food reaches a certain temperature. Many smart ovens include built-in probes and will alert you when food reaches the desired temperature, and some smart ovens will let you know when food is done even if you forgot to set a timer.

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