Smart Heating

Smart Heating

Smart heating is a home heating system that’s connected Wireless and controlled remotely through a smartphone, tablet, or PC. And the convenient thing about smart heating is that you don’t have to be at home to control it. The most essential component of smart heating is the smart thermostat, as the system’s primary function is to adjust the heating temperature and switch it on and off. But smart home heating systems go beyond just that. They come with all sorts of clever features, such as detecting open windows, turning the heating off if no one is home, turning it on when they’re about to return, and much more. We’ll cover these features in more detail later in this guide. Other smart heating products include radiator valves, central heating control packs, and electric radiators. And there are many different brands available. Smart heating works by connecting a heating system with the internet so it can be controlled remotely using a smart device through Wi-Fi.
Smart heating components include:
Once the components and the app are set up, program the system via the app: when the heating needs to switch on and off and the temperature setting. These are the system’s primary functions, much like a standard system. But a smart heating system allows more flexibility than that. The pre-set functions can be over-ridden, even when no one is home. Some smart heating systems can learn habits and adjust the heating accordingly, such as tracking movement, turning the heating off when nobody’s in, and much more.

Underfloor heating

There are two types of underfloor heating: electric and warm water. As both types are controlled by a thermostat, they are both compatible with a smart heating system. If underfloor heating is already installed, the old manual thermostat can simply be swapped for a smart thermostat.

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