Smart Innovative Disinfection

Smart Innovative Disinfection

New innovative unique smart system. It is an automatic self-disinfection system which can fogging/spraying the disinfectant automatically by a programable timer in a certain specific times using mobile application.

System Advantage:

  1. Easy Installation: System can be installed and programmed easily without any complications.
  2. No manpower: Automatic without the use of sprayer man .
  3. Cost Effective: No company hiring for spraying
  4. No effort : automatic spraying without any exhausted efforts.
  5. Reliable : you can rely on it to disinfect the desired area , although the old disinfection way depends on the sprayer man sincerity .
  6. Very Easy: After programming the system, no need for the client presence , it will disinfect automatically when the programmed time come on.
  7. Immediate disinfection : System can be operated whenever is required immediately , so in Emergency cases , it will be operated immediately.

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